Sweet Bitter Love v01 ch001

So I was suppose to release this with Kimi ni Todoke, but unfortunately, internet is acting up and it was about 1:30 am in the morning. Last week’s week was very tiring so I can’t afford to keep on getting 2-3 hours of sleep everyday cos I seriously look like a zombie now.

Sweet Bitter Love was supposedly a joint with Chibi Manga, and we were suppose to release this 3-4 months ago. But unfortunately, our supposedly translator went MIA. She seems to be busy with RL. This is not a joint anymore with Chibi Manga because Chibi said that he’s busy with other projects so he can’t do a joint. But he was kind enough to give the cleaned scans to me.

I want a clear-up on what Pin said regarding the nose-booger level. Somehow me and translator didn’t get what Pin meant by that, but SteamBunny explained the reason why. He said, “Hey, when Pin mentions “nose-booger like level” he’s making a reference to snot nosed kids. He’s saying it’s like the way a kid would do it, confessing to someone while insulting them because they’re uncomfortable admitting their feelings.” So everybody gets it now? In case you still didn’t get what Pin meant.

Anyway, on with the release, enjoy:

Oh, I forgot to mention. We didn’t know where each chapter ended because it was straight all the way. Like there’s no sign where the chapter ended. So the translator just left it where she thinks will be a good cliffhanger.

Note: This is a Manhwa, therefore, you read L-R, okay? (Our first Manhwa project)


4 thoughts on “Sweet Bitter Love v01 ch001

  1. Lily says:

    Yay! A manhwa by Han Yu Rang! *Q*
    Thanks so much for the hard work you guys put into this release. 😀

    I look forward to future releases for this manhwa. >w<

  2. Lint says:

    Looking forward to the next chapter! Do you have a series summary for it?

    • otameganekko says:

      We still don’t have a summary for that XD If anyone can find a summary for that, I’ll be glad to add it up at the forum.

  3. kajal says:

    I want too find a manga ….bt I have only one pic of it. ……plsss helppp me

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