Hello everyone,

I’m planning to have a mass release on Friday (March 19). I’ll finish all the projects we have on queue (is that the spelling? lols)

Why am I doing a mass release? I wanna finish as many projects as I can before my spring break ends. Since almost everyone in the staff is busy, and I won’t be busy after finals week, I’ll do everything. Note: I AM A NOOB CLEANER, but I will try to give you a good quality scan.

I will also announce something about hosting sites. Whenever someone do things, there’s always someone who opposes it. It’s so hard to satisfy people.

Anyway, the chapters you should be expecting is:
– Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu Dya (one-shot)
– Citrus Sweat (one-shot)
– Kimi ni Todoke (ch 40-41)
– Undertaker Riddle (ch 7)

Not-so-sure (need to ask the staff), but just be surprised:
– Kimi ni Todoke (ch 42)
– Summer Wars (ch 5-7)
– Sweet Bitter Love (ch 2)

We’re still continuing Fortune Arterial. We found a C-E translator.
And I just realized that there are new translations for Summer Wars. Yes, we’re still going to finish that even though someone has released it. I really like this series. And that’s why I’m recruiting for subbers to help me sub the movie.

We need raw providers for:
– Princess Lover!

Recruiting (for scans):

Recruiting (for subs):
[Arakawa under the Bridge]
– Capper
– Translation Checker

[Summer Wars]
– J-E translator
– Translation Checker
– Editor/s
– Timer/s
– Karaokeist/s
– Typesetter/s (+AFX)
– Quality Checker/s
– Encoder


13 thoughts on “Hello everyone,

  1. Helen from Sweden! (^~^)/ says:

    Waah, I’m so happy that you’ll do a massrealese! 😀 And I really do hope you find more staff, I’m sorry that I can’t help (cause I have NO idea on anything other than reading the finished thing ^^)
    Thank you for your awesome work! 😀

  2. Fat Cat says:

    Send me a mail if u are still searching for cleaners.

  3. Demi says:

    What exactly is a cleaner? Because I use photoshop a lot and I could help out a little if you like! ^___^
    And I’m so happy with this mass update news! Yay!

    • otameganekko says:

      A cleaner removes the jp texts in the scans. We really need editors ;__; I’m currently dying since almost everyone is on hiatus…

      • Demi says:

        Hmm… if it’s just removing the text from the text baloon, I can help you with that. ^^ You want me to?

      • otameganekko says:

        But not just removing the jp texts, you have to make it a good quality scan (leveling and whatnot) — clean and clear ^^;

  4. Gin says:

    Sorry, due to my surprise, that’s all I was able to say. What I actually meant was:

    You’re awesome. That gives me something to look forward to. Thank you! 😀

  5. Kwang196 says:

    Thank for work very hard. thank very very much

  6. Ruri says:

    Hi! Thanks for your work.. and if you still need cleaners contact me ;)..

  7. Yukiko says:

    *pokes* I’m on spring break right now, if you’d like some editing help? I’m taking your test right now but if you want a quick peek at my skillz, I run CoyoMoose. http://coyomoose.net/manga.php?series=Say%20I%20love%20you&chap=ch10
    I have some free time before Monday ^^ Email me and lemme know what you’d like me to do (finish the test or what :P)

    • otameganekko says:

      OMFG, a new release?! I’m a fan of this series as well as FIVE o/
      I’m pretty surprised and honored to see you here ^^

      Well, I’m in need of editors (cleaner+typesetter). As I have said above, we’re doing a mass release. So I need things to get done asap. The only thing I need help with is Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjyuu Dya, and Citrus Sweat. The typesetter of KnT ch 42 offered to clean it herself.

  8. PrinceArjay says:

    ahmmm so thats all a cleaner do i’ll try practice in my photoshop so i can help out with you guys cause i dont do anything much with my computer than playing online games ;p
    i’ll inform you guys if i think i’m ready ;p
    BTW luv this manga^^

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