Not really mass release after all ^^;

So our mass release isn’t an oh-so mass release no more.

We’re suppose to release Citrus Sweat too but then we were missing a page and can’t find a replacement for the missing page. I tried redownloading the raw again that maybe it was my fault, but it still won’t work. I tried redownloading where the source of the raws but the file was removed ;__; If anyone has page 5 of Citurs Sweat, it would be really great o/ We’re not dropping it.

We need more people. WE FREAKING NEED EDITORS. Editors that would be a long-term editor for us. It’s very hard to have people go after a short time.

About the hosting of our scans, it would be still a no. Please do note that no one has gotten viruses through MediaFire and Sendspace while I’ve learned that people get viruses through MangaFox’s ads. For those that don’t like to download things because they’re not sure if they will like it, we have a synopsis of the series. Also if you don’t like your computer space to lessen, our files don’t reach a gig, and you can delete it afterwards. You’re making your life harder. If you don’t give a shit about what I just said and about high quality, as I have said, our scans are uploaded to AnimeA, MangaToshokan, and Otakuworks. If it’s not there, tell me so I can upload it there (but of course after 5 waiting days). If you still have a problem with that, deal with it. Call me immature but I’m done with people who complain about how I do things. The main reason why I delayed the previous release because people keep on nagging us. People have been uploading our scans before and I haven’t delayed it even though I’ve had enough with it.

Anyway, enjoy the releases:

(Sorry for the size resolution of Baka. I totally forgot to say to the editor to resize it. Besides we were losing time and I needed to go and release this asap before my mom throws a fit at me.)

You guys can enjoy while I go and well…go. *still recruiting people dammit*

Even though Yukiko didn’t pay me to advertise Coyomoose, she helped me with Baka, so I will advertise, lol. I was rushing her ;__; Besides, I’m also a fan of their releases (FIVE and Sukitte Ii Na Yo)!! Anyway, Coyomoose is also recruiting so apply there, and here too, of course ;D


10 thoughts on “Not really mass release after all ^^;

  1. ktho2 says:

    Thank you very much for these release!!!
    It is very much appreciated!!
    You guys are great!!!

  2. Yukiko says:

    *glomp* Thank you, love ya! I had fun on it. Plus, I’ll be a full-time editor, mi amour 😉 Just – no more baka. The moe moe crap kills meee. ❤

  3. nattfly says:

    Thank you SO much!!

  4. tesshi says:

    yay! thanks! i’m grabbing kimitodo and sougya riddle ♥

    i really wish i could help out with editing but i’m not really familiar with photoshop or any other graphics editing software… (>_<)

    thanks again!

  5. crescentdreams says:

    Thank you for the release!
    I don’t know what being an editor even involves/requires or I’d possibly be able to do it, but I don’t know Japanese either so that wouldn’t work. XD

  6. Shinja says:

    Hi there,
    if you need some editor think i could be useful.
    I have no experience on manga editing, but i know really well Photoshop and love deeply japanese manga so…contact me if you need a help ^^

  7. iloveleonard says:

    Thank you so much for the new releases!

  8. Rusian says:

    You are great!!!!!!!!!

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