Fortune Arterial v01 ch005

I think it’s been months ever since we released the last chapter :O Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the latest release of Fortune Arterial! The next release won’t be chapter 6 but the special. We’re gonna be releasing a “chapter then special” release. There a lot of specials here ^^;

The supposedly Summer Wars (movie) that  I wanted to sub is subbed by Frostii so go get it from them. I haven’t watched it yet though. I’ve only seen the raw so yea, go get it from them.

We’re still looking for CLEANERS, CLEANERS, CLEANERS! And one typesetter that’ll stay for a very long time in this group :d


5 thoughts on “Fortune Arterial v01 ch005

  1. spoct says:

    where is it?…

  2. dark mage says:

    Sweet! Thanks alot for the Fortune Arterial chapter as I was waiting for this for a while.

  3. George says:

    thanks for the release… it was a long wait..

    typesetter and cleaners? maybe i can help.. although i have no experience when it comes to scanlating manga… but i have experience in terms of using softwares for photos and images since i work with a photo-editing company….

    send me some guidelines and let me read it for a week to grasp the rope and i’m willing to help you out…

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