Citrus Sweat v01 ch001 oneshot | Arakawa under the Bridge ep 01

We’re not releasing an LQ for Citrus Sweat. The LQ came out larger than the HQ so what was the point of LQ if it’s larger than HQ. I was thinking of releasing Summer Wars chapter 5-6 with Citrus Sweat, but then I was like, “Nah… I’ll wait for chapter 7 to finish editing.” So, wait for a few more days for the release of Summer Wars~

And… DUN DUN DUN. After days of subbing Arakawa under the Bridge, we have finally released the first episode! I bet nobody will try to watch our version though… ;__; Please forgive me for my typesetting skills. This is my first time typesetting. In other words, I’m a total noob and beginner here. If I suck, blame it on my so-called “skills”. whatapath will replace me when he’s back. He was suppose to ts the first ep but he ragequit needed to leave. Until then, expect some things that you don’t like ;D Nevertheless, please enjoy what we did. It’s our translator’s first time in translating an anime so please don’t be too harsh ^^;


10 thoughts on “Citrus Sweat v01 ch001 oneshot | Arakawa under the Bridge ep 01

  1. bakekaze says:

    LOL. You are damn right no one will watch it. How can we when the past two days there hasn’t been a single seed?

  2. Jonnymaine says:

    I’ll check it out to support your release

  3. yukihito says:

    I downloaded Arakawa, but my computer didn’t show the subs >__<

  4. Ann says:

    I’m Thai fansub

    i use Sub eng you 🙂

    you trans is good 😀

    but I won’t to load Raws

    help me please

    • otameganekko says:

      Are you asking where I found the raws? We had a capper for our ep 1 so that’s how we got the raw. You can find raws in TokyoTosho, etc.

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