Fortune Arterial sp01 | Smargs won’t Sing oneshot

It’s about 1 am in my time and I’m very sleepy (and hungry), and I’m still timing and typesetting. And I totally forgot to release these 2 chaps that I’m about to release at the moment.

I didn’t know that the special chap of Fortune Arterial is a character’s prelude. Well, we’re not planning to do this from the start. It just so happen that I didn’t read the raws and thought it was a special a.k.a. not character’s prelude. Anyway, enjoy the first and last character prelude that we’ll do.

Also enjoy the oneshot series, Smargs won’t Sing. There’s no LQ here.

Kimi ni Todoke chapter 44 was suppose to released a few days ago, but unfortunately the typesetter went MIA on me. I’ve been PMing him for the past 2-3 days, and I haven’t seen a reply. If he doesn’t reply tomorrow, then I’ll give it to someone else. Expect it on Saturday or Sunday.

With Sweet Bitter Love, haven’t heard anything from the typesetter so I’m assuming that she might go/be MIA.

I’m glad that we have 3 new cleaners on the roll. I’m having them do various projects that aren’t cleaned yet. BUT. In order for one of them to start chapter 45 of Kimi ni Todoke, WE NEED A DECENT, JAPANESE RAW SCANS. I know about the Chinese sites (2 of them). However, raw scans sucks. It’s so LQ that our cleaner tested it out and gave me the results, and it looks okay except it’s still LQ. If you guys can provide chapter 45, it’d be really great.

I’m also withdrawing from the joint with Which Scanlations regarding L♥DK after chapter 1 has been released.

Also, mirror files (sendspace links) will eventually stop working. If it’s inactive for an amount of time, it will automatically remove it.


4 thoughts on “Fortune Arterial sp01 | Smargs won’t Sing oneshot

  1. dark mage says:

    Thanks for the special chapter. You said that you wont be releasing anymore Fortune Arterial-Character Prelude chapters right? However, you will still be releasing the main original Fortuned Arterial right? I hope you do, because although I dont really care about the prelude, I love the main story of Fortune Arterial. So please continue the original FA

  2. Anon says:

    What is the meaning of MIA ?

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