Kimi ni Todoke v11 ch044

This is the best the cleaners can do. The raws sucked very much. I forgot where I got the raws so I wasn’t able to include credits for that. Sorry if the scans’ quality is not that good. If you give us a decent raw for chapter 46, we’ll see to it that it’s HQ. If you saw something wrong with the typesetting, please overlook it since the typesetter for KnT changes all the time. Our editors come and go so we the staff changes.

Anyway, WE NEED JAPANESE RAW SCANS FOR CHAPTER 45. Not Chinese plz. We have a Japanese translator therefore we need Japanese raws, people~

Someone requested to reupload chapter 24 of Kimi ni Todoke. Sorry for providing 3 chapters in the link for chapter 24. So I’m also including a new link and mirror for that. For those who didn’t know, we were formerly known as Manga Zone Scans. If you’re looking for our old releases. It will be under the name Manga Zone Scans.

Also, the file name for chapter 43 is wrong. It’s suppose to be volume 11 already. Volume 10 ended with chapter 42.

Regarding Arakawa under the Bridge (anime), we’re delayed because of missing people :d Since episode 3 is out, we’re releasing both 2-3 together. We’re redoing the OP/ED (thanks ThunderEmperor for redoing it for us) because of some… issues.

Someone was suggesting we also do the manga of Arakawa since it was not continued, and we’re already subbing the anime. We can do it if the raws are available, a translator and editor. (We’re still looking for editors for various manga projects~ We’re also looking for a back-up timer [dialogue and afx], tlc, and a back-up encoder for Arakawa!!)

Supposedly, Sweet Bitter Love will be released with KnT today but then I still had to clean some uncleaned pages. Have it retypeset. QC. In other words, we have no time to wait for SBL.


17 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke v11 ch044

  1. Anon says:

    arakawa under the brige rlz <333 it would be great if you can sub it

  2. Anon says:

    arakawa under the brige rlz <333 it would be great if you can sub it

  3. Sunshine says:

    Much thanks for your effort to release this awesome release of kimi 🙂

  4. Kei says:

    OMG! Thank you for updating! I’ve been trying to look for Japanese raws for 45! *and 46 too!* I wish I can find some so I can help >___< Anyways, great job as always! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! ❤

  5. Vina says:


  6. ^Lee^ says:

    Thankies! ^^

  7. nicole says:

    Thanks a bunch for the releases! I love this manga.
    I found this site
    where you can find the 10 volumes of kimi ni todoke till now, it says JP soy I guess it’s japanese.
    I’m not too sure but you could see… I don’t know the diference between chinese and japanese ;_; , sorry
    I hope it helps and sorry for my bad english

  8. nicole says:

    just now I see that you need vol11
    I’m sorry, I’m really stupid -__-

  9. yuka74 says:

    You can try to ask to Bebexiu at I heard that she is willing to scanlate Todoke. And I should have ch 46 in japanese. Hope it helps!

    • otameganekko says:

      Oh my gosh, it’d be really great if you ch 46 in jp w/o watermarks ;D

      • yuka74 says:

        Well, unfortunately mine is from raw paradise, the last one they uploaded before shutting down. So there’s their name on it, but it is surely in japanese!

  10. Kei says:

    I found some Jap raws for 45 here

    it’s kinda LQ though D:

  11. Shanice says:

    Thank you so much!

  12. I'am says:

    I found Chap 45 and 46 Raw Japanesse in here:

  13. johncraven says:

    Use these japanese raws to get the script:

    But since the quality is bad, put your translations on top of the images of the chinese version here:


    for 46 (LQ japanese) (HQ chinese)

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