Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjyuu Dya v01 ch002

The typesetter here is new so please excuse for mistakes. He’s still practicing so wish him luck. Enjoy the new chapter we’ve released in a while!

I’m recruiting a new staff for Kimi ni Todoke: translator, proofreader, and quality checker (better be good). My translators are translating for the anime we’re subbing so we weren’t able to start Kimi ni Todoke yet. It’s already cleaned (ch 45) but I have yet to wait for my other translator if she’ll translate ch 45.

Also, I won’t be releasing a LQ version for a while. Endure having HQ for now :d

I need a damn encoder for Arakawa. It’s already been encoded but for some reason the timecodes are messed up. The encoder who encoded ep 2-4 was only a one-time encoder for these eps. Now, since I found the time errors, I retimed it again. I need a damn encoder. I’m not giving up on this series even though there’s good shit out there releasing this now. I started something, and I’m ending it properly.

I wanna give a shout out to Paoie-hime (typesetter) who’s been with this group ever since it has started. Happy (belated) birthday! Her birthday was May 5th.


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