Fortune Arterial v01 ch007

We need a simplified c-e translator to finish this series since our translator had to leave since she got so busy this summer with school and everything. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to apply for the position. The test is in the forum (though that test is for traditional). I do prefer if the translator is both a traditional and simplified c-e translator.

And our birthday girls this month is ivanna (may 28) and me (may 31). Yay for getting old! LOL


5 thoughts on “Fortune Arterial v01 ch007

  1. dark mage says:

    Thanks alot for the chapter. Glad that you guys are continuing on with the project. BTW saw that another group is releasing this manga, so seeing you are short on translators, is it possible to do a joint with them? Just a suggestion, from a wortless leecher 🙂

  2. meotimdihia says:

    This manga has 3 volume ongoing, i hope you can translate 3 volume

  3. dark mage says:

    Oh its abit belated, but Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one 🙂

  4. michi_misu says:

    if you are still looking for simplified c-e translator, i can help on this project. please let me know if you still need one.

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