Raws… again.

We’re still looking for raws for chapter 46 for Kimi ni Todoke. This is the latest chapter now. As some of you may know, Kimi ni Todoke is taking a break, and the next chapter (chapter 47) will be on June. I’m not sure when though. So, we need chapter 46 Japanese raws so we can be done with KnT. Don’t misunderstand this. When I say done, like take a break too along with Kimi ni Todoke who’s taking a break.


10 thoughts on “Raws… again.

  1. Kei says:

    i know i have posted this before but it’s the only japanese raw i can find http://hi.baidu.com/%F7%C8%CF%E3/album/%BA%C3%CF%EB%B8%E6%CB%DF%C4%E346/index/2

    here are decent chinese ones http://comic.veryim.com/manhua/zhixianggsn/ch_46.html?p=1

  2. Jana says:

    Well, Also I have a raw paradise version… here is the link


  3. john says:

    Like I said before, why don’t you just use the chinese raws? The japanese raws are bad but the script is still readable. Simply translate that script and paste it on top of the chinese raws.

  4. Baronight says:

    I have the clean version of chapter 46,
    taken directly from Kimi ni Todoke Tankoubon 11

    please by all means, do not use the dm.88manga.com version
    the quality is so bad it hurt my eyes…
    this version is a good as what you can get from direct scan of the raw


    • otameganekko says:

      Oh my 😦 This is good news but we have already the edited version of the dm scans. We did try out best to have a decent-enough quality for this chapter. It could help though if you have a decent raw for chapter 47. I’m releasing it in an hour or two.

  5. Baronight says:

    i do not have the clean version of chapter 47…
    as the vol 11 stop at chapter 46… =(

    nevertheless, i thought the project was halted until you guys get decent scan
    but i guess i was wrong…

    well IMO, as long as the translation is there…its all good
    it does not take much effort to refer to the clean version
    thx for the translation…looking forward to read it =)

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