K-E Translator~

We’re looking for a new Korean>English translator for Sweet Bitter Love! We have the complete volumes for the series from 1-10. We just finished volume 1 with our latest release, and we’re starting on volume 2 now. Unfortunately, our translator left so we’re looking for someone that can stay with us until the end. It’ll be much appreciated.

I also removed the Mango Scans Cafe since it’s pretty dead anyway. The forum will only for releases and my way of contacting the Mango staff. It’d be nice if people shared raws also; I left the raw dump section open.

We’re still in-need of Kimi ni Todoke MQ/HQ chapter 47-48 raws (not watermarked raws plz).

Mango Subs is looking for a/an:
-editor (possibly someone who has Japanese knowledge too cos it helps)
-back-up translation checker (must be really fluent in Japanese and English)
-back-up timer
-(not really in-need right now) quality checker/s

Mango Scans is looking for a/an (for various projects):
-raw provider/s
-J-E translator (for a joint project in a series called, Hansel + Gretel, and a few other one-shots with shounen as the main genre)

I’d like to greet alilyamongthorns a happy birthday in behalf of the Mango team. It’s been great working with you. Thanks for also being my vice-leader (whatever you call the person who’s next in charge, lol) XD


18 thoughts on “K-E Translator~

  1. charlie says:

    umm this is weird… But I’d like to help i only know Spanish and English….
    i could be of use as an editor if tht means editing the pics or something, I’m good with editing pictures…. If this seems of no use to you then im sorry to have troubled you…

  2. JT says:

    umm…. i dunno if this helps but i found a link that appears to have the raw for chapter 47: http://comic.veryim.com/manhua/zhixianggsn/
    also maybe here: 17kk.net, 89890.com, VeryIm.com ,XDY.js
    i’m not sure but i hope it helps at least a little. because i hate not being able to help with anything even though i’m benefiting from it (benefiting because i ❤ KnT).
    here is yet another link where you might be able to find chap 47 raws but i don't know if they have all the pages: http://bebexiushoujo.blogspot.com/2010/06/kimi-ni-todoke-chapters-47.html
    a link for chapter 48 raws: http://bebexiushoujo.blogspot.com/2010/07/kimi-ni-todoke-chapters-48.html
    Hope this helped!

    • otameganekko says:

      Unfortunately, on bebexiushoujo I can only find the summary? Tell me if I’m missing the spot where the raw is placed XD

  3. qed says:

    What does a “back-up timer” do?

    I am interested in being a quality checker, possibly editor (depends on job/s for an editor). Is there a requirement of how much/how many hours one needs to work?

    • otameganekko says:

      You applying for the scan team or subbing team? Back-up timer falls under the subbing team. QCer and editor falls both the scan and subbing team, though editor in the scan team means cleaner+typesetter (cleans the raws+inputs the texts); while on the subbing team, editor means to proofread the script if the spelling/grammar is correct.

  4. loveslilies says:

    I don’t know if this will help, but there are raws here http://dm.99manga.com/Comic/2733/ but its all in chinese, so if I couldn’t exactly read it…sorry.

    • otameganekko says:

      Thanks, but they are watermarked and the quality is not that good. It’s harder to clean ’em if it’s like that >__<

  5. gabbeans says:

    Hi, there. Interested in the editor position for Mango Scans.

    The only problem is that I work kind of slow… >.>;

  6. qed says:

    I’m applying for the subbing team. I’m looking for some sort of position like you mentioned for the editor; just to proofread and make sure there’s no grammar/spelling mistakes on the pages. Is knowing Japanese necessary for this?

    • otameganekko says:

      I highly recommend for the editor to know a tad bit of Japanese; the knowledge of Japanese doesn’t really have to be a translator’s level. It could really help on changing some words to make it sound better, or reconstructing the sentence without actually changing the meaning, and whatnot.

  7. Sykriar says:

    Three year editor here. I know basic Japanese and have a pretty flexible schedule. Is there still an opening for an editor here?

    • otameganekko says:

      Awesome. Yea we still have an opening for the editor position. Try dropping by the irc so we can talk more.

  8. Emz:) says:

    Heyy, um, I don’t speak Japanese (but I know a lot of the culture) and I am an English Scholar at my school so are there are any positions that I could work on?? I also have a pretty open schedule.

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