Sougiya Riddle (Undertaker Riddle) v03 ch012

Here’s a follow up release for Riddle. Plus, there’s some comments regarding the Kimi ni Todoke release because there were some corrupt files. Since Mediafire is still stubborn to upload our releases, I’ve resorted to Megaupload. If you guys know any other hosting files, please comment on this post.

I’m posting the KnT banner link here for those who want to get the mirror link.


5 thoughts on “Sougiya Riddle (Undertaker Riddle) v03 ch012

  1. Quime says:

    Hi!! You should try it’s really easy to use…

    Thank’s for the hard work!!

  2. kleescat says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the releases, and would like to add that I do a bit of manga sharing and find that 4shared is a really easy site to use, as well as accessible in many countries that block mediafire and/or megaupload….which is nice since not everyone downloading stuff lives in the same place….just thought I’d offer that up as a suggestion…alot of people like sendspace and mulitupload(which allows your projects to have several host sites for one link). Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Minelauva says:

    Thank you! Sougiya Riddle is getting more and more interesting.

  4. h2c says:

    you can try (generated link: almost all DDL) (support accelerator download)
    or if you want to upload to many upload sites :

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