Kuroshitsuji II Episode 10-12 + batch

For once, we’ve finally accomplished something ;__;

Episode 10 – h264 | XviD
Episode 11 – h264 | XviD
Episode 12 – h264 | XviD
Batch – 01-12 h264

Looking for: distro, editors & timers


6 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji II Episode 10-12 + batch

  1. playerttt says:

    How long eps 5 Xvid is out ?

    • otameganekko says:

      Sorry, won’t release an xvid; having problems with encoding it cos of the raw’s lagging issues (just an amateur encoder here) (・A・)

  2. Kuromii says:

    Your subs flicker when the episode is played in Media Player Classic, but not in The KMPlayer. This has never happened with any other file before for me – any idea why this happens? 😦

  3. Honeymixer says:

    Ummm I was going to download the batch but I noticed that ep4v2 is only 30.8 MB??? That’s wrong, right o_O Considering the other eps are all around 300 MB lol

    • otameganekko says:

      Oh god, yeah, it’s not suppose to be 30.8 MB. I have the correct file here with me, but I’m not really sure how to fix the torrent though. Do you have any idea?

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