I am a Hero v01 c003, 009-011; v02 c001-002

We’re finally done with volume 1! (We did chapter 3 for those who has requested it~) Volume 2’s first two chapters are also here o/ It actually reminds me of H.O.T.D. but seinen-wise.

Saving the pages as PNG-8 yet we still get large file sizes. Only the colored ones are PNG-24. If there’s any other way you guys know without ruining the quality yet small file sizes, tell us.

I kinda messed up on the file naming for ch 9-11, it’s named as ch 10-11 when it’s actually 9-11. Sorry, too lazy to fix it~ XD

Looking for distro and two quality checkers for Zakuro. Leave me a msg in irc.


3 thoughts on “I am a Hero v01 c003, 009-011; v02 c001-002

  1. josoc says:

    i just read volume 1 (from illuminati manga), i liked it its great that you did even more chapters, i will have to wait for the actual release i guess, since i don’t see a way to read it here?

    • otameganekko says:

      Oh, just click the banner of IAAH here and it’ll direct you to the forum (no sign in process) for you to be able to download them ^^ Volume 2 is ch 12-13 in the link in the forum.

  2. josoc says:

    silly me, since Otome Youkai Zakuro 02 had some info about release like torrent xdcc, i thought why Iamahero not ? once you register to forum you can see download link (another forum to the list 😀 )

    thx otameganekko

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