Otome Youkai Zakuro 01-02 v2, 03

General note on the v2s:
– New encoder = new video quality

Ep 1v2
XDCC pack in Neko|Rin at #mango @ irc.rizon.net
MU in Neko|Mimi ^

Tl notes on the changes (ep 1):
– I checked again on the meaning of “Bateren” and even though it has several meanings 1. Portuguese Jesuits (like the ones who came to Japan in the 16th century) and 2. Christianity, it’s also used when referring to Western/European things in general. So even if those lines aren’t horribly wrong, it seems to make more sense that it’s Western/European rather than Christian.
– @15.18 I thought they said “yubi” (finger) when it’s actually “yube” (night)

Ep 2v2
XDCC pack in Neko|Rin at #mango @ irc.rizon.net
MU in Neko|Mimi ^

Ep 3
XDCC pack in Neko|Rin at #mango @ irc.rizon.net
MU in Neko|Mimi ^

Credit roll:
Translator – Yukihito
Translation checker – natsumi40
Editor – danomac
Everything else minus encoding – otameganekko

Special thanks to:

Still looking for distro and two quality checkers for Zakuro.

Got up this morning, and I was like, “Shit, I forgot to add chapters for ep 1-3.” One of the purpose of the v2s, and I forgot to do it. I fail so much. I was in a hurry and I forgot D:

Anyway, ep 4 and above will be chaptered. On the batch release, ep 1-3 will be chaptered.


6 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro 01-02 v2, 03

  1. aniluv says:

    Thanks. I’ll wait for the MU links then.

  2. G. says:

    Thanks for 1-2 v2s! Also, will there be patches to add chapters to 1-3, or will we have to re-download the files in full when the batch comes out?

    • otameganekko says:

      There will be patches but that’ll come later on when the batches are out? I’m not sure whether to have the patches out on the 4th ep or in the batch release, depends.

    • mthesis says:

      Never asked if you guys wanted chapters? Well, I could add them and do a patch if you want.

      I don’t find them that useful tho.

      • otameganekko says:

        We might add something to the eps beside the chapters, so I might do the patches later on. Thank you though. (I’m siding with you on the usefulness of the chaps, but some like ’em, so, ┐(‘~`;)┌)

  3. virgus says:

    First time I´m watching one of your subs. Great work, guys! Mata ne!

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