Otome Youkai Zakuro 04 | Fortune Arterial v02 c008 | I am a Hero v02 c014 | Kimi ni Todoke v012 c049-050

Episode 4 – Torrent
XDCC pack in Neko|Rin at #mango @ irc.rizon.net
MU in Neko|Mimi ^ Trigger: !otome04

TL note:
– Store sign @5:53: “I looked it up, and apparently 折屋 means a bookbinders, but I’m not sure if that store looked like one (I just don’t wanna tell [everyone] the wrong thing >_<) But another theory could be it’s just called “Oriya” (that’s the pronunciation of 折屋). The owner’s name was “Orihara Aya” and the first kanji of “Orihara” and “Oriya” are the same. So it could be a short form of “Orihara Aya’s store” (The second kanji in “Oriya” just means “store”) Though I can’t see anything that points at which one it’s more likely to be, sorry if I’m over-complicating things >_<”

Credit roll:
Translator – Yukihito
Translation checker – natsumi40
Timer – Kanta_no_Kaze
Everything else minus encoding – otameganekko


Though we’re going quite slow on Fortune Arterial, we haven’t given up on it.

I’m trying to keep up with our current projects since we’re left behind. Note: Our current projects will not be dropped until we finish it.

Before, someone shared me the link to KnT v01-v012 raws, but I’ve lost the link D: So it took a while more to wait for new raw sources. ミチ cleaned ch 49 for us using the marked raws (Thanks!) Then it so happened that I stumbled upon decent JP raws, so, woot for that o/ (which is why we got to release 49 with 50)

(Click the banner to redirect to the release you’d like to download)

I’ve also decided to pick up three series:
– Chihayafuru
– Sukitte Ii Na Yo

And in order to do is, I’d like to recruit raw providers for Blue and SINY. Unfortunately, the Chinese raw source I’m waiting on for SINY is taking quite a while. And Blue’s heavily marked. So, Chinese raws and Japanese raws are okay as long as they’re decent enough to translate and edit with. Not heavily marked, plz.

With new series comes the need of new Japanese and Chinese (Traditional+Simplified) translators, so, we’re also recruiting new translators. The translator’s test is at the forum. (If you’ll be bailing on us half way through the series, don’t think about applying; this applies to all the positions we’re trying to recruit.)

In short, we’re in need of:
– Raw providers for each series
– 1 JP/CH translator (depending on the raws provided) for each series
– 1 proofreader for each series
– 1 editor for each series (experienced)

Pursuing these series will depend if we get new recruits or not.

Anyway, enjoy the releases today.


27 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro 04 | Fortune Arterial v02 c008 | I am a Hero v02 c014 | Kimi ni Todoke v012 c049-050

  1. Angel says:

    Thanks very much for KnT! ❤ Sawa_Dad is soo cute!

    I would like to apply for one of your Proofreader positions for SINY 🙂

  2. sachan says:

    oh my~ yes! chihayafuru please!

    and thanks for all the releases~~ ❤

  3. Minelauva says:

    Thanks for the release! I look forward to Chihayafuru and Sukitte ii na yo. >.< But unfortunately, I can't really help you in your search for decent raws.

  4. Lua says:

    I’m so so so HAPPY 😀 beyond the new chapters of Kimi ni todoke (what already did my day) I found this happier new, that you decided to pick up Sukitte li na yo one of my loved mangas…Thaaaaaank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. blossom says:


    thank you very much for these releases
    you’re really working hard ..you’re the best ❤

    and thanks for picking up Chihayafuru ^______^

  6. j.c. says:

    Thank you very much for double releases of Kimi ni Todoke!! 😀

  7. Watari says:

    Hi there,
    this is my first experience with your subs. I just checked your Zakuro release and it seems to be a good work. Except the horrible font. :/

    • otameganekko says:

      I’m sorry, we’re practically a noob group as you can see. Maybe you can suggest fonts to use in subbing? It’d be awesome if you could.

      • Watari says:

        You don’t have to be sorry.
        I think that the font is too big and bright, therefore harder to read. According to ji-hi, I prefer a similar font like Ryuumaru or Crunchy are using for this show. But this is only my suggestion.
        Btw. do you plan to add the missing chapters?

      • otameganekko says:

        Thank you, I’ll look into more fonts to improve the styling m(_ _)m
        If you’re talking about the missing chapters for 1-3, I’ll have them out when the batch release comes.

      • susukihotaru says:

        Sorry for interupted…about the font in my opinion good are vivsldi, vladimir script, palace script MT, freestyle script, french script MT, cf snell and abbeyline. I think these must be better and a lot of them are with caligraphy…i don’t know if you will like them but at least you can see some like these. I hope i was a little help, for me it’s good like the way it is.

  8. Suzumi says:

    Wow, thank you for picking up Sukitte Ii Na Yo~ It’s such a good series and I wanted to read more of it. If you need Japanese raws for the series, I think I may have some.

    • otameganekko says:

      Oh my, that’d be great if you could provide them for us m(_ _)m We’ll be sure to try our best with this awesome series~

  9. faechilde says:

    Thanks for the new releases. Great job. 🙂

  10. TripleK3 says:

    hey, awesome! kimi ni todoke >w< i just wanted to tell u, in the file for chapter 49, there seems to be a page of chapter 50 in it o.o im not sure if tats just for me, but i saw it and it was really strange, until i noticed tat the page had the words "Chapter 50" in it XD

  11. Vally says:

    I read you decided to pick up Blue which is one of our ongoing series so I was wondering why would you do that though you are free to work on any series you want. Thanks

    • otameganekko says:

      Hey, would like to apologize if it is still your ongoing series. I’ve been wanting to pick up the series when the last chapter I read was 2, and it was taking a while. I haven’t checked any updates lately, my mistake for that. It’s not really confirmed that we’re doing it since we’re still recruiting. But since it’s still ongoing in your part, I might just drop the part of deciding to do that. Sounds good?

  12. Yuuki Cross says:

    Wonderful episode!I am waiting for the 5!!!!! You rock!!!!!!

  13. virgus says:

    Thanks for your hard work!

  14. anikkie says:

    first of all thanks for the kimi ni todoke..that was great!!..but im waiting for the next chapter.pls release it more sooner..^^..thank you!!!..good job!!

  15. jang_angela says:

    ohmygod, i’ve been looking up at your website since a long time ago. i’m a big fan of kimi ni todoke.
    i’ve been kind of busy but today i looked up at your page and saw this post and i was so happy !
    thank you for picking up sukitte ii na yo too, i’m really curious about that comic.
    and thank you for picking up blue, i admire chiba kozue’s manga’s, her drawings are so cute !
    ganbatte !!!!!

  16. […] my last post that we might pick up two new series: Chihayafuru and Sukitte Ii Na Yo? Well, no, we will not pick […]

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