Otome Youkai Zakuro 05

Sorry for the delay on this week’s ep. But do note that we have inconsistent release dates. Like, the first 2 eps was on a Friday, and the latest 2 were on a Thursday. This week though it’s a Saturday. But we’re trying to target our releases on a Thursday.

Credit roll:
Translator – Yukihito
Translation Checker – natsumi40
Timer – Kanta_no_Kaze/otameganekko (coughcoshefinetimedthewrongscriptcough)
Editor – danomac
Everything else minus encoding – otameganekko


XDCC pack on Neko|Rin
MU on Neko|Mimi (Trigger: !otome05)


3 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro 05

  1. aniluv says:

    Thanks for bringing us this.

  2. Susukihotaru says:

    Wow! You make my day!!!!! It’s not a problem i can understand that some times cause of some issues you put them late but it’s fine since you still doing it! Continue like this! I am so happy that i can’t even tell! Great job all of you!!!!!!! Waiting for the next ones!!!!!!! I really appreciate your work and your love about animes!!!!! XD

  3. misayoto says:

    Thank you for the release~!

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