Otome Youkai Zakuro 07

Really sorry for the huge delay on ep 7 ;_; I was suppose to release this with 8, but oh well, it’s out now.

Thanks to those awesome people who’s been with us up until now o/ And for those that appreciates our effort and hard work we’re doing in this series (even tho we’re so slow, and still fail in stuff). Hopefully, ep 8 will be a tad bit faster than this release >_<

Credit roll:
Translator – Yukihito
Translation Checker – natsumi40
Editor – danomac
The rest minus encoding – otameganekko


XDCC pack on Neko|Rin
MU on Neko|Mimi (Triggers: !otome07)


5 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro 07

  1. Lenmaer says:

    Thanks a lot for this release.
    And even with some fails, you’re still better than the other groups doing it.

  2. Susukihotaru says:

    Thanks too for your release and work!!!! You are as always amazing!!!

  3. sekop says:

    i drop the other group and take yours
    thank for eps 7, love it

  4. shani says:

    thanks for working on it. i like your release.

  5. xor says:

    Wow, so glad I found you guys. You are the only ones to actually translate this anime instead of using CR’s, that reason alone makes you better then the rest in my opinion.
    I don’t mind delays, I’m just grateful that you do this at all. Thank you for your hard work and thanks for keeping the honorifics.

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