Summer Wars v03 c011

First release of the year 2011 for the scans team~

I tried to understand the links that people shared regarding the resizing of the huge filesizes of our release, but unfortunately, I still don’t understand! D: I tried pngcrush but for some reason, it’s not working on me :s

I need a tl;dr on how to minimize filesizes in .PNG plz.

You don’t have to forgive me for the huge filesizes, at least understand why? ^^;

Other notes: From now on, I won’t be answering emails/pms regarding what series we use for our recruitment page. There’s a FAQs page, please read it before asking a question.

Edit: I just added an MF link for those that have problems with either Sendspace and 4shared.


4 thoughts on “Summer Wars v03 c011

  1. Scaler says:

    Try with indexed colors (16 colors should be enough for b&w scans)…
    The size will be like 2 or 3 times smaller.

  2. midori says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. Kant says:

    I think you’ll get better results with 32 colors, in some of my test 16 colors destroyed some of the detail (and 32 is still a lot less than ~200, which is the aproximate number of colors in the current releases

  4. Kant says:

    Ah, almost forgot: the two currently mantained png optimizers out there are optipng (it continues the work of pngcrush)[ ] and PNGOUT [ ].

    Optipng is faster, but pngout (always) gets better results. There’s a list of png optimizers here [ ] (scroll down to 3.) with further details, if you’re interested.

    Just in case: the optimizer has to be run _after_ the color count reduction. I advice to check if the image looks the same after the color reduction, but before running the optimizer (because the later takes time while the former is a fast operation)

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