Otome Youkai Zakuro (batch)

My laptop was weird last night :s Couldn’t see the subs o_o No, I’m not much of a noob that I forgot to mux the script with it. And yes, in the Haali Media Splitter Settings the subtitles were marked. Also tried to fix the CCCP settings. Also tried downgrading the version of mkvmerge since our encoder said v4.1.1 is more stable, if I’m not mistaken? And when I try to drag the .ass file to the vid, it shows up o_o Checked the script and nothing was wrong :s I had someone mux the script using their own pc, and it worked ._. Uninstalled both CCCP and mkvmerge then rebooted, then reinstalled. Miraculously, the subs showed O_o

I stayed up until 3 am so if there’s something wrong with what I muxed, it must be cos 8 pm onwards my brain was half asleep (had a tiring day, and I usually sleep late so).

The change log is included in the batch release folder. I thought it’d be better to do is so everyone that downloaded the batch will know the parts that were changed rather than the people that cared to actually check the main web for the change log will be the only ones that would know what changed. (Also correction on the change log, only eps 1-2, 8 are the the v3s. Technically, 8 isn’t a v3 since I only muxed the wrong script on v1 :/ So…)

MU (later)
IRC triggers: !otome01, !otome02, !otome03,… (you know how it goes)

We’re doing Gosick btw. It actually took me forever to decided whether or not we would do it so even after the pilot ep aired, I still don’t know if we were gonna do it. I was debating whether it’d be Level E or Gosick. It was only a few days before ep 2 aired that I decided to do it. So, ep 1-2 will be double released most likely this week? Def before ep 3 or else a lot of eps are gonna pile up >_<


Edit: Yes, all the eps were changed. Again, the change log.txt is there to let you know. People didn’t comment on my previous post if I should or shouldn’t put any version in the filename so I didn’t bother to anymore.


12 thoughts on “Otome Youkai Zakuro (batch)

  1. Lenmaer says:

    Thanks a lot for the batch.
    BTW, subs that doesn’t show up is common bug in vsfilter, only thing to do is to reboot the PC and they’ll show up again, no need to try to fix CCCP or anything else.

  2. lulu says:

    Thanks. I’ll wait for the MU links ^^

  3. arielrachel0527 says:

    Yay, glad that you guys are doing Gosick!! 🙂 Thanks for the hard work!

  4. Watari says:

    Thank you guys for the batch

  5. Kotori-sama says:

    Thank you so much for the batch release! I am a bit sad though by not having some of the translation notes in the episodes to read, but I guess it’s alright. You see, my younger brother usually watches whatever I watch so if there’s meaning behind some of the stuff like for example, youjin being a polite term for youkai, he’ll come ask me to explain that and sometimes I myself don’t have a clue. XD Anyways, thank you. I hope you guys finish with Gosick soon! I’m dying to start watching it! 😀

    • o`mega says:

      The others were too long to include in the ep itself. There are people that find it annoying to have them on saying why not translate it fully if we’ll just be putting tl notes ._.

  6. Spinarakk says:

    Thanks a lot for the batch

    Though why Gosick, was hoping you’d do Level E because no other groups (other than two crap CR ripping groups) are doing it, and Gosick is oversubbed and already has a perfectly good group doing it, so I just think it’d be a waste of your efforts…

  7. Oscar says:

    Thank you for the batch release~ One can clearly see the care and effort that have been put into it =)

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