Hiyokoi OVAv2

I know… You must be thinking: “Oh god, seriously, who does that??” This is just… *slaps forehead* (I don’t think we’ve never had at least one episode that there’s no v2 of it, OTL) (If it wasn’t for my sister who watched it, I wouldn’t know. Nobody pointed it out so I didn’t know. I should really have a 3rd QCer. Both me and my QCer actually missed that part out, fuck. And it actually took me this long to release a patch+v2, fuck.)

Patch (Sendspace)
v2 torrent
– MU (later)
– IRC trigger: N/A

What lines that was fixed:
@ 03.15
@ 17.19

(I should rename the post topic as SHITSHITSHITFAILSHITSHITSHIT. Actually, I should rename our group as “v2 Subs” >_>)


One thought on “Hiyokoi OVAv2

  1. Taekey says:

    Love Hiyokoi!
    Keep up the good work!
    TaeKey<3 Love

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