Next project/s for Mango Scans

These are the ones I took interest on after looking at the suggestions made by a few:
– Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs Queen Ozu
– Amon Game (a.k.a. Cencoroll, the movie)
– Ichigo no Gakkou

We might or might not do all of them. It will depend. If no one submits their suggestion by the end of next week, I’ll decided which one/s to pick. I’ll announce what we’ll pick by March 6.

If ever we’ll do Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs Queen Ozu, it’ll be the only one I’ll make an exemption with regarding my rule in not considering series that are on-going; since we’ve done Summer Wars, doing this side story is a possibility.

Form for suggestions:

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward with the suggestions you guys will ask. I’m pretty much open to anything, my decisions (I think all of ours) just depend if the plot and art interests me/if I like it.


11 thoughts on “Next project/s for Mango Scans

  1. myyq says:

    hello, don’t mind me asking, but will scanlating these new mangas affect the rate of scanlations for the current ongoing ones? Thank you for the new knt chapter btw!

  2. myyq says:

    like, the releases might be slower?

  3. r2d5 says:

    About one “volume/complete” for suggestions. Is something like “two volume/probably never be continued” ( completely no good? 🙂

    • o`mega says:

      Yes 😦 Something short and quick to finish is something I’d prefer to do so we don’t have to commit. It’s quite tiring to keep up with long-term series :s

      • r2d5 says:

        Are you fine with things like ecchi, incest (comedy, not hentai), borderline h and other stuff like this? Sorry for more and more questions. 🙂

      • o`mega says:

        Like what I said, I’m pretty much open to anything. If the story bores me, and the art is something I can’t stand, I won’t consider it. But, we will also need a translator and editor that’s willing to do those types of genre.

        And just in case you didn’t know, we’ve done an ecchi manga lol (the Princess Lovers! manga)

  4. desolato says:

    Wowowow, if you guys decide to pick up Amon Game.. I can’t believe how awesome that would be. I never managed to find a copy, since it was only published in a magazine, so if acquired the raws somehow: props!

    I’ll try and come up with a good recommendation as well.. hmm.

    • o`mega says:

      Yeah actually the one that recommended it didn’t have the raws for it, so if we don’t find one, we won’t be able to do it :/

  5. Lavender says:

    Personally, I’d love to see the rest of Ichigo since it seems the original group does not plan on finishing.

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