Kimi ni Todoke v13 c056

Really sorry for another delay; I was suppose to release this a week ago? But we had some access issues in Google, and it was finals week last week. (I only have a week off then I’m back to school next week) (And I’m basically editing all our shit so I’m burnt out)

Any errors you see are my fault. Got home really tired, and did this right away so I was half-awake editing this chap lol (Click the banner to be redirected to the DL link)

Just to let you know for any Undertaker Riddle readers, c13-15 are already translated; we’re just waiting for c16. c13’s been re-typeset, and c14-15 are already being edited.

I still need a translator for the Zakuro picture dramas! (Yes, we got a timer! Woot!)

By the way, Mango Subs is having a joint with Koharubi for the spring season show, Ano Hana.


11 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke v13 c056

  1. emysan83 says:

    Woo Hoo~ Thanks for the update & all your hard work!

  2. Izuna says:

    It’s okay if is a little bit delayed keke thank you so much for all the work^^

  3. tako says:

    Thanks for the hard work xD

  4. Chiyo-chan says:

    Thanks for the release ! ^^

  5. Karencita says:

    Thank yous!!!

  6. CSJ says:

    For the record, Chapter 56 is the start of Volume 14. The tank for volume 13 was published a couple of weeks ago, it contains chapters 51 to 55, so you may want to update the chapter 56 release to reflect this.

    • o`mega says:

      Oh, hmm, sorry. No one knew so we assumed it was still v13. The Chinese raws (ones we use) only indicate the chapter number.

  7. kaminari says:

    Hi! Could you tell me, what manga did you use for a recruiting form?

  8. […] are not sure what chapter does v03 end, so anyone there that knows please tell us; we had the same mistake on KNT since we didn’t know that our latest release, c056, was already the start of v14. Our raw […]

  9. […] need to make a correction with our KnT c056 release! It’s already the start of v14, people! I don’t think it’s any harm if I […]

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