Summer Wars (Batch) + more updates

Before anything… GUESS WHAT.

MY FINAL GPA FOR THE LATEST SEM IS… 1.63 (1.0 being the highest). FUCK YEAH. It’s not a 1.0, but I’m still happy ;A; (This is the first time I ever got a grade like this, lol. During high school, I was a 2.25-2.75 kid haha.)

Highlight for tonight’s post: Summer Wars batch, Undertaker Riddle status, and the supposedly three projects we decided to pick up.

A couple of people had requested for us to release a batch for the Summer Wars series, so here it is (click the banner to be redirected to the forum’s release page):

I’m sorry it took this long! But as promised, it’s here. I’d like to apologize for the filesize :/ Volume 2 was the largest filesize. It was only until volume 3 on how we tried to lower down the color value as well as saving it using PNG-8 (instead of -24). I’d like to note that none of the files are redone so expect LQ for the previous chapters. (You can see how our group name changed also, lol. From, Manga Zone Scans -> Mango Scans. Our filename format changed too, not that it’s important)

For Undertaker Riddle, though chapter 13-15 had been done for ~a week now, I’d like everyone to wait a little more longer for 16-17. The stages have been updated in the release pages both here and in the forum.

Regarding the projects we decided to pick up, we already have access to the raws for Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs. Queen Ozu, but we need a translator and an editor for this project! We can’t start unless we have these two. Amon Game’s raws are very difficult to find. We do know people that have raws for it but aren’t willing to rip off the pages to scan them :p (I wouldn’t either, lol) so we’ll just drop the thought of doing it; unless someone can get us the raws for it as well as the staff for it~ Regarding Ichigo no Gakkou, we’ve done chapter 1 so far (as I was planning to do a one-time release on the whole volume) but our translator’s on hiatus due to RL emergency (and I don’t think she’ll come back any time soon; I do hope though that she doesn’t go MIA on us quit) so we can’t really go on to finish the four chapters that are left.

tl;dr We basically need: raw proivders, J-E translators, and editors for the supposedly future projects. Any positions not mentioned aren’t needed.


3 thoughts on “Summer Wars (Batch) + more updates

  1. midori says:

    Wow. 1.63 is already a high grade. The highest I got during college was 1.75. It never get higher than that but I was content. ^^ So Congrats!

    And thanks very much for today’s release~~

  2. Isa says:

    I’m glad there are news on Undertaker Riddle ^^ I will be eagerly waiting for the release.

    And congrats on your GPA ^^

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