Undertaker Riddle v03 c013-016

It has really been a while since we’ve release Riddle! Not too worry, we haven’t abandoned the series 😉 I do apologize for not releasing anything for ~6 months. Our translator for the anime, Otome Youkai Zakuro, we subbed last fall season was done by our Riddle translator so our priorities kinda changed. Since we dropped our winter show, we tried to get at least c013-c016 of this series done.

We are not sure what chapter does v03 end, so anyone there that knows please tell us; we had the same mistake on KNT since we didn’t know that our latest release, c056, was already the start of v14. Our raw source didn’t indicate it so I had no idea it was already v14.

Anyway, please enjoy our releases for Undertaker Riddle! We’re trying to get c017-c022 (c022 being the latest chapter) done!


6 thoughts on “Undertaker Riddle v03 c013-016

  1. Isa says:

    Yay! Thanks a lot for the release! 😀

  2. Cesia says:

    Thank you so much for the release! I’m one of those people who f5 your page every morning XD


    • Cesia says:

      There’s an error on page 4 in chapter 16, Hayato says the same thing twice in the bottom panels. O:

      I feel bad for pointing it out when you’re working so hard on it, but adhsjkgf just… wanted to say it. You’re doing an amazing job <333

      • o`mega says:

        Oh shoot, I missed that when I was QCing o_o Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll have the typesetter fix that page >_< Sorry about that!

  3. CSJ says:

    Only things I can suggest regarding what chapter ends vol 3:

    1: Pick up a raw or find somebody with the vol 3 tankoubon to find out how many chapters are in it.

    When #1 is not possible or is difficult, then:
    2: Go by the page count of previous volumes and cut off the current volume @ as many chapters it will take to get the page count average to roughly the same as they were in the previous volumes. You can always go back and rename chapters if you need to.

    #2 is usually pretty accurate, because most volumes in a series will have very close page counts for each volume. The manga artists are usually given fairly strict page limits to work with.

    Magazine scans, whether they are in their original Japanese or from a Chinese magazine, will only give chapter numbers. At least with all of the magazines I have read, I have never seen them list volume numbers for the manga chapters in them.

    I knew KNT ended volume 13 at chapter 55 because I’m following the series and have the tank (in Japanese) for it. My reading in Japanese is slow, so while I can read the originals, I like to pick up English translated chapters as well as the originals, so I can read them with a little less strain in my native tongue when I want.

    • o`mega says:

      Thanks for the info! I didn’t know about the page limits :s so it’s good knowing that each volume has almost the same page numbers. With that, we can know when the volume ends ^^


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