Kimi ni Todoke v14 c057 | Undertaker Riddle v03 c016 pg004v2

We’re not that slow anymore… right? As soon as I got the script, I did my best by finishing the chap in a few hours (with breaks, of course; I’d die w/o them lol). (I personally liked editing this chapter — lotsa Chizu action :3 and tonight’s KFC take-out was great :3)

I need to make a correction with our KnT c056 release! It’s already the start of v14, people! I don’t think it’s any harm if I don’t change the filename. I don’t have the awesomest internet speed so it’s quite a hassle to reupload it with only the filenames that were changed. But, I’ve requested the MU admins to change the volume number on their database. I hope that doesn’t confuse anyone now.

With Undertaker Riddle c016, the release is a v2 of pg004. I need y’all to replace that page with the new one. I overlooked the mistake the typesetter made on the second to the last(?) panel. She repeated the line Riddle made on Hayato’s bubble; changed that myself since the typesetter hasn’t replied to me about the change (which is why it took a while for this page to be out).


We’re looking for a Japanese-English translation checker for Kimi ni Todoke (manga).

(P.S. Am I the only one hating on the summer heat? >_> The humidity adds to my dislike of summer D: )


13 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke v14 c057 | Undertaker Riddle v03 c016 pg004v2

  1. Ryuu says:

    i love you for working on kimi ni todoke ____<
    hope you find someone soon o.o

    p.s. summer heat is awful o.o luckily, it's still only a "spring heat" where i live xD which i'm grateful for ^_^

  2. Helen says:

    Woho, thanks for KnT! You’re awesome as always!

    I too don’t really like the summer heat! But it’s spring here and about 20’C at most, so it’s all right 😉

  3. milee says:

    Aww, I live in Seattle so I’m envious of the heat elsewhere 😦 But then again I would probably die if I was in the heat & humidity you’re in… x(

    and thank you for the kimi ni todoke release~! i’m so excited

  4. Izuna says:

    Thank you so much for keep doing Kimi ni Todoke^^
    I love all the staff! Good work

  5. midori says:

    Thanks very much again for another wonderful Kimi ni Todoke chap!

    The summer heat is terrible in my country~~ ><

  6. Yan says:


    And yes it's only you! Just kidding, but over here it's still cold. Snowed over the weekend, rained and hailed all day today.. I'm dying for summer heat ;_;

  7. annie says:

    Thank you!

  8. melody says:

    thanks for the Knt chapter! (non)/ its pretty much always summer in the country i live in, kekeke.

  9. Ux2 says:

    Thank you!

  10. emysan83 says:

    Thanks so much! This is great ^^

  11. Isa says:

    It’s autumn in my country XD

    Thanks for correcting that page of Undertaker Riddle ^^

  12. Claire says:

    Im more than willing to be a translation checker!
    Sounds interestings and I’m a big fan of Kimi Ni Todoke!
    Have any more info about the job?

  13. em em says:

    how can i read new chapters, please help me..
    i do really love kimi ni todoke..
    i can figure it out how to read it, so please please help me

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