Batch Files (for our manga releases)

Starting the end of next week, I’ll be releasing batch files little by little for our ongoing series, Kimi ni Todoke and Undertaker Riddle. This will be a volume-by-volume batch release. As for our completed work that isn’t a one-shot (Summer Wars), it’ll just be released as a whole. This will probably take time so I hope y’all will be patient in waiting for them.

My main reason for doing this is cos most of the download links are expiring and I wouldn’t want to reupload each chapter to a new uploading site. Reuploading it as a whole is a lot better now that I’ve switched to a different file-storing site.


3 thoughts on “Batch Files (for our manga releases)

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  2. TwEeD says:

    Will these batch files contain updated/corrected/v2’ed versions of the chapters? Some chapters could really use it imo…

    • o`mega says:

      Sorry, wouldn’t be able to do that. We just don’t have the time in our hands plus like any other group’s issues, we lack the staff to do a re-do. Some chaps though already have a v2 release (I think). The only chaps we probably need to v2 are the ones that came from Chinese raws; that’s only been a few chaps so I hope it’s not a huge deal if we don’t? :s

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