Kimi ni Todoke & Undertaker Riddle batch + A Favor to all Our Readers

Please read the post cos these are important notes and updates. I don’t want people asking stuff wherein the answers are already here but they’d go on and still ask.

As promised, I’m releasing a batch for the Kimi ni Todoke volume 7-13 and Undertaker Riddle volume 1-3. Sorry for the huge files ;_; and we don’t have any Megaupload links cos MU doesn’t like me for some reason -_- so we only have Fileserve and Mediafire~

Here are the changes:
Kimi ni Todoke
Filename (We were previously known as Manga Zone Scans, so)
v6 c23
v6 c24
v7 c25-26
v7 27-28
v8 c30-31
v8 c29-33
v10 c046

Volume change
v10 c043 -> v11 c043
v10 c045 -> v11 c045
v10 c046 -> v11 c046
v10 c047 -> v12 c047
v10 c048 -> v12 c048
v13 v056 -> v14 c056

Missing pages (placed in the missing pages)
v10 c046

HQ link (picked the better quality between the HQ and LQ links we previously provided)
v9 36-38
v10 c39-42
v11 c43-44

v2 (picked the latest release of the volume)
v7 c28

Undertaker Riddle
Filename (We were previously known as Manga Zone Scans, so)
v1 c1
v1 c2
v1 c4-5
v2 c6
v2 c7
v3 c10

Volume change
v03 c014-016 -> v04 c014-016

Missing pages (placed in the missing pages)
v2 c9

There aren’t any redos since we just don’t have the time and staff, even if we did, it’s gonna take long and we still won’t do any redos of any LQ chapters. They’re not that bad anyway, lol. Click the banner to be redirected to the download sites~

Another important thing, one of our staff members is asking a favor to everyone. Her high school is going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade next year, and they’re on the Pepsi Refresh project, which means that they could get tons of money ($50,000) if they have enough votes. If everyone could vote once every day during June, that would be really great! This could really help them win! o/

Vote at:
2) Text 106994 to Pepsi (73774) to vote from your mobile. (Standard Text messaging still applies) (US countries only)

Please vote~ This could help 200+ student musicians to a lifetime opportunity m(_ _)m

Replaced the Undertaker Riddle v02 link with the c009 changes. The pages were out of order for some reason o_O I know I went over it, but huh… Also page 37/38 doesn’t really have any raw to use it to typeset the translations. The translations were pre-made already, I think, and the raws provided didn’t give that page so we weren’t able to replace it with the actual page+translation. Sorry~


4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke & Undertaker Riddle batch + A Favor to all Our Readers

  1. anon says:

    Hi – I just checked both the MF and the FS downloads for Undertaker Riddle’s volume 2 batch, and it looks like there’s some problems with chapter 9. Page 38 is still just text-on-blank-page, and a whole bunch of the pages are out of order as well. (For instance, I think that “pg020” actually belongs between 013 & 014.)

    • o`mega says:

      Hmm, let me double check that again. I was pretty sure I went over the pages. I’ll be replacing the link for the changes. Thanks for letting me know~

  2. narengoku says:

    Thank you very much for kimi ni todoke…

  3. Humi says:

    Hwaaaa Thanks a bunch for kimi ni todokeee I’m finally able to read it!!! Thank youuuuuuu I LOVE TWOMANGO!!

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