So I randomly thought of fixing the forum.

The last I can remember about the forum being active was last year (seeing that the last replies were around that time), lol.

My solution to that is by implementing a new rule that no one can view the release page unless they’ve reached 10 posts. (Yes, we’ve become one of the forums that implement that rule.) It’s ’cause it sucks that everyone doesn’t drop by to say “hi” or “hello” to us in the forum and just download the chapter they want :s

I remember the first time we had the forum, it was quite active — we were quite active in releasing too XD But people took advantage of the forum being open to everyone so no one practically cared about having to post or anything. In other words, the forum slowly died (a painful death, I tell you). And… here I am making changes to revive it~ Some might not like this at all, but I have to do this to keep the forum alive~

Changes in the forum:
– 0-9 posts – newbie, meaning you can’t access the release page yet
– 10-above posts – member, you can view our releases
– new monkey emoticons~
– new background+banner 😀 though I’ve tried changing the theme, it just didn’t look good :/
– the “Cafè de Mango” is back again to keep the forum active

So, I’m also looking for 3 moderators to moderate “Cafè de Mango”. You’re (obviously) to help keep the forum active~ The only requirement is that you just have to be active in the forum. Advantages? You get to be part of the awesomest team evaaar! Lololol (If it changes anything though, I’ll share you the release you read from us a day ahead ^^)


Updates about the Mango team:
– We’ll still release the belated release of Ano Hana 02-05 (we had the script until ep 5 so it’s a waste not to release them)
– The Zakuro picture dramas have been done for about 2-3(?) months now, but I’m releasing it with the Ano Hana eps so it hasn’t been released yet
– Ano Hana and Zakuro PDs may be the last releases we’ll have for Mango Subs
– The scans team is currently catching up with Undertaker Riddle
– Kimi ni Todoke is on a 2-month hiatus says Betsuma (it’ll be back on the October issue)
– We’re still not going to pick up any new manga series
– I’ll eventually add the anime and manga (old and new) releases we’ve had on the bot in our IRC chan
– And our new mascot is dango~ Not some lame picture of a mango fruit -_-



Please check out the poll I made – here – about the changes in the forum ^^ I want to know what y’all think~



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