Recruiting mods, raws for Summer Wars, contests with prizes, and more?

We need more mods for the Mango Scans forum:
– Anime
> Current
> Old
> Future
– Manga & Light Novels
– Music
– Games & Technology
– TV
– Movies
– Asian Drama, Live-Action & Anime Movies

Details are in the forum — here.

More: We need raws for Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs. Queen Ozu from volume 2 until the latest, so we can continue the series. We’re left with 2 more chapters for volume 1, and we’ll be stuck (again) with the series if we don’t get the raws (Japanese plz).

Mango is about to host its first forum competition, and we’re currently contemplating how to do it. To help us, we’d like you guys to vote in the following:
What do you want for Mango’s first forum contest about? (Regarding the last choice, if you answered “Other?”, please reply in this post about your suggestion)
How would you like the prizes be given for Mango’s first forum contest?

Deadline for the poll is only until October 21, 2011.


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