Amon Game (one-shot) | Gunners v00 c000 (prequel)

Due to the stress I’ve been getting from the haters of our new forum rule, I’ve decided to make my life a bit stress-free and made more changes.

Here were the previous changes — in this post.

New changes:
– You still need to be a registered member to access our releases.
– You need to post at least once a month to keep your account; failure to comply will result to the deletion of your account.
– Deletion of account due to failure of complying by the once-a-month-post rule will happen every end of the month (called, X Day).
– We will PM/email you one week before the X Day to let you know that you’re one of the members that has the possibility to have their account deleted. You have at least one week before X Day to post at least once to keep your account.

New account levels:
– 0-19 post counts- newbie – access to everything except the dropped and completed projects of Mango
– 20-49 post counts – member – access to everything as well as the dropped and completed projects of Mango

Forums that count to your post counts:
– General Chat sub-forum
– Anime & Manga forum
– Entertainment forum
– Exhibit Corner forum

More Mango forum proposals (still a processing idea; not in the works yet):
– Every 6 months or every year, the top poster will get a reward from us (Mango team is excluded)
– 50-above post counts – you will gain access to some exclusive manga releases of Mango
– Should we open a poll-only sub-forum?

>We’re open for suggestions regarding some activities to go on in this forum ^^ Leave a comment if you have something in mind.
>We’ll start X Day on the end of this month (October) or beginning of November. The first month might not follow the usual end-of-the-month X Day, but after we’ve stabilized, it’ll always be on the last day of each month.

Note: Please go over the forum rules to see what consequence you’ll receive if you violate one of our rules. The only thing that changed was the clarification of the banning of members.

Also, our September poll is about to end on October 21 so please vote so we’ll be able to arrange Mango’s first forum contest >_<

– What do you want for Mango’s first forum contest about? (Regarding the last choice, if you answered “Other?”, please reply in this post about your suggestion)
– How would you like the prizes be given for Mango’s first forum contest?

On the other hand, please enjoy our releases today ^^ We’ve got a new series: Gunners and Amon Game (one-shot)

Please click the banner to be redirected to the download page. Having any problems with seeing the links? Please read the FAQs.

After 1-2 weeks from the release date of  the Amon Game one-shot, it will be moved to Completed Projects (sub-forum). Certain accounts won’t be able to see this section because of the new set of rules; details are above.


3 thoughts on “Amon Game (one-shot) | Gunners v00 c000 (prequel)

  1. merrylass says:

    It’s only fair to have people participate instead of just downloading and reading the scanlations. Many thanks — I’ll try to be better about posting at least once per month!

  2. anon says:

    Why would you want people writing spam comments? just let the people who do have something to say do it.

  3. mantissa says:

    I think this is quite fair. It’s not so hard to post something once for a while 🙂

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