Minamoto-kun’s Story v01 c003-004 | Kimi ni Todoke v15 c061

Enjoy our releases of Minamoto-kun’s Story and Kimi ni Todoke. We’ve gone through some difficulties just releasing these chaps (mostly on Minamoto-kun) so please enjoy them~

The missing page for Minamoto-kun is already posted so please rename the pg 4 on our first release for ch 2 as pg 5, pg 5 with 6, etc. until the last page. After that, download the REAL pg 4 on the forum. (I forgot to include that page when I was typesetting the chapter. It didn’t need any typesetting so I forgot to add it back to the folder)

I’m also brainstorming on our first forum contest. I’m not really sure what prizes you guys would like, since we’re not asking for donations, prizes involving money would be tough on my part. I need ideas from you guys or this won’t be happening at all >_<

Please click the banner to be redirected to the download page. Having any problems with seeing the links? Please read the FAQs.


4 thoughts on “Minamoto-kun’s Story v01 c003-004 | Kimi ni Todoke v15 c061

  1. meotia says:

    Only 4 chapters but 4 groups translated this manga O_O

  2. kurumi says:

    oww man. Thanks a bunch, no, a thousand thanks from me. It was such an amazing chapter. Your work is reaaaaaaaaaaaaally much appreciated!!

  3. Demon6x9 says:

    thank you very mucj =D

  4. mantissa says:

    Thanks for your hard work!

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