Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs. Queen Ozu v02 c006

Here comes the start of Summer Wars’s volume 2~

Please click the banner to be redirected to the download page. Having any problems with seeing the links? Please read the FAQs.

We’re still recruiting~!

We’re looking for J-E translators for:
Current Projects
Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjyu Dya (previously dropped but will pick up if there’s a translator)

Future Projects
Macross Frontier: Secret Visions
Ousama Game

– Previous experience
– Work time limit of 3-5 days at most (per chapter)
– Would hopefully stick until the end of the series (I think the fact that you’re actually interested in the series help make things a little bit faster and would me you stick ’til the end could help)

Other positions in need:
– Editors (does both the cleaning and typesetting)
– Cleaners
– Typesetters
(Requirements are the same as the translator. An FYI: Chapters are roughly 30-40 pages, sometimes less)

Tests are in the forum~


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