Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs. Queen Ozu v02 c007 | Kimi ni Todoke v15 c062

Agenda: (please click on the agenda so you’ll be directed to it asap though I still suggest you read all of it so you won’t miss a thing)
Dropping Minamoto-kun
Picking up new series
New debate section at the forum
First forum contest

THANK GOD THE INTERNET’S BACK. For some reason, there’s this time of the day that the connection disappears and never goes back until 12+ hours later. This time it was out the whole weekend -_- I got to finish KnT before my deadline, but no internet to upload it D:<

Anyway, we’re dropping Minamoto-kun’s Story. Our last release of it will be tonight’s. This chap was done 2 weeks ago already but I was waiting on ch 9’s script to release them together. Apparently, the translator where we get our translations has his own team working on it. And besides, I don’t like competing over speed scans (since this series is released weekly, and it’s only ~8 pages per release, the other groups release 12 hours later).

Anyway, we’re picking a lot of series lately so please check them out maybe you’ll find something interesting. We’ll need a staff on these series too so please help us out m(_ _)m It’s good to have a lot of help to have faster and better releases ^^

Here’s a list of them:
Macross Frontier: Secret Visions
Ousama Game
Valkyria Chronicles: Wish Your Smile
Sai no Kami
Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjyuu Dya (we’re re-picking this series up)

Been wanting to do Macross for the past year, but I somehow forgot to recruit about Macross, meh.

Here’s our recruitment page you’ll see in the next releases we’ll have:

Please also be reminded that X-Day is near. I’ll be PMing/emailing all forum members to remind you about the X-Day.

X-Day – pruning of members that haven’t shown activity in their account by posting at least once this month.

The PM/email will contain the list of usernames that are safe (not the ones that have the possibility to be pruned on X-Day). If your username isn’t there, I suggest you post something today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or at least the day before X-Day, or your username will be pruned. Note:You don’t have to reach a certain post count; all you need to do is at least post once a month to show that your account is still active.

The process of X-Day is that I will look for usernames that have posted something from 31 days ago until X-Day, which is the last day of each month. So basically, whoever posted at least once this month of November won’t be pruned.

A countdown for X-Day will be shown at the front page of the forum, so your account better watch out ^^ We’ll be following UTC/GMT time zone.

We’re also opening a debate section in the forum soon so how about y’all join try and join us when it does open up? 😀 It’ll be definitely fun and interesting~

Annnnnd, last but not the least, we’re officially hosting our first forum contest!

38% of the votes went to “Drawing” that wanted that for our contest; and 67% for those who wanted a virtual prize for the contest.

In my case, I wanted to give you guys a prize via mail cos I know this bookstore that sells incredibly cheap manga/s, so I was like that’d make a great prize. But! a virtual prize is fine with me as well since I’m only a poor college student ;_; Mango doesn’t ask donations to fund our raw manga/s or our site since we don’t have one and we find raws online (to the point that I had to search in a different language when I barely understand it *coughJapanese/Chinesecough*).

Details about the forum contest is posted at the forum.

I hope there are a lot of participants! If 210 voted on our poll about the contest, I can expect a decent amount of participants 😉

Enjoy the release~!

Please click the banner to be redirected to the download page. Having any problems with seeing the links? Please read the FAQs.


7 thoughts on “Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs. Queen Ozu v02 c007 | Kimi ni Todoke v15 c062

  1. ’bout the X-Day, does it mean the accounts can be re-registered? I don’t see the point of the registering to download, much less having to be active.

    • o`mega says:

      Don’t you think it’d be kind of you to do something as to post at least once a month (not like you have to reach a post count) to help keep the forum active. We don’t really ask much or have any intention of asking something in return for the scans, except this once a month post. Is it really that difficult to do so?

      • pete says:

        na, i don’t. i’d rather be more polite and not randomly spam once a month in a forum i frankly just don#t care for. why does the scene have to be so fucking idiotic? besides there are so many good scanlationteams out there who refrain from such intimidating bullshit, why can#t you be like them and be content with the fact that your work gives people a bit of happiness once in a while? besides your idea is beyond ….anything. you do realize most people will forget to post once and just start new accounts. do you want your forum to be a spammed that badly? btw. thanks for the scans. i love what you guys do, but i don#t have the slightest understanding for pressuring people into anything. yours truly, pete

      • o`mega says:

        As you can see, we’re not the like rest; and for some odd reason, people don’t like those that are not in their standard norm of doing things. This is how I see on how to keep this forum active and I don’t understand how it can be “fucking idiotic”. I don’t just decide without listing what will result to my decision.

        I really hope you’re not that kind of person who always goes around complaining if things don’t go the way you want them to be? ‘Cause you gotta learn how to suck it up sometimes. Is it hard to comprehend the line I’ve been saying to people like you: If you don’t like how I do things around here, why not look for another source instead? Is it really that difficult to do so?

        Do you have to actually comment on how I’m suppose to manage things when you can just leave this site/forum [you] frankly just don#t care, and (again) look for another source instead? why does the scene have to be so fucking idiotic? This is the freaking internets, I highly doubt you won’t find our releases elsewhere – I’d gladly repeat that to you and for the future complainers.

        (Explaining this to people like you is a pain in the ass, I tell you.)

  2. Uncle Frank says:

    Yay, to picking up Ousama Game. 😀

  3. manazyaoi says:

    I Love Reaching You can’t wait to find out what happens wit Chizu and Ryou I adore Ryou thanks for the releases

  4. […] I know I’m bound to receive complaints (I suggest you read our convo) about X-Day, I’m posting something about it […]

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