Since I know I’m bound to receive complaints (I suggest you read our convo) about X-Day, I’m posting something about it tonight.

When I first created X-Day, I already informed people about what was going to happen – all the details including what sections in the forum that will count to our once a month post rule. A few days before the X-Day, I was able to find out how to tweak the forum description to let it say if it adds to your post counts or not.

A week before it, I also reminded everyone by posting about it and placing a countdown meter at the forum as well as a mass email to everyone to make sure they know about it. I did my part, now it’s up to you whether to like how I do things around here or not. If you don’t, look for another source; it’s not that hard.

(I used to accept the hate comments/complaints I receive ’cause y’all are entitled to your opinion after all, but from now on, those will be deleted ’cause frankly, I’m sick of seeing them all the time.)


One thought on “X-Day

  1. ichigo_daisuki says:

    It’s not hard to post once a month, even though I should hurry off to go post now ^o^/

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