Gunners v01 c005

I really don’t know if we should still continue this series. At first, it looked interesting, but I got bored half way (I know, I know, it’s still developing its plot). What do you guys think? Should we wait for a few more chapters? (Cos right now, Ousama Game is looking more and more interesting to do than Gunners ~_~ )

By the way, I’m moving X-Day next year (January 31, 2012) because X-Day this month will fall on Christmas/New Year’s Eve week. We’re all busy during this time so I want everyone to enjoy their holidays than bother about this ^^

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2 thoughts on “Gunners v01 c005

  1. LilsxD says:

    thanks for the release!

    it does seem rather slow in developing the plot… maybe wait for a few more chapters? xD

  2. […] Have a happy holidays, everyone! ^^ (Don’t forget that X-Day won’t happen this month. Why?) […]

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