Kimi ni Todoke v15 c063

I usually typeset 10 pages for an hour, but I was trying my best to release this asap, so I managed a 10-page per 30 mins. o_O (and doing this while I was coughing really bad and blowing my nose D:< I’ve been sick for 2 weeks already and I can’t believe I still am >_> ) I hope my typesets weren’t that horrible -_-

Anyway, with that, I present to you part 1 of 2 of our last release for this year~ (part 2 will come a little later since Natsumi is also sick 😦 Get well soon Nat!)

If you haven’t read this chapter yet, and you’re a RyuuxChizu fan, I bet you’ll really like this chapter (just as much as I do) ^^

On another note, still sad that no one’s trying out for any of the positions ;_;

Here’s an excel file on what position we’re looking for (link for the manga info is also provided): Google Docs

We’re also going to pick up Trance Knights from Altima Ace. Most likely the first chap will be released next year.

Have a happy holidays, everyone! ^^ (Don’t forget that X-Day won’t happen this month. Why?)

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4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke v15 c063

  1. Yoshioka says:

    Thank you 😀

  2. ichigo_daisuki says:

    I sincerely give my thanks to you guys, O’MEGA, Natsumi, and all the other mango staff members who worked on this release, especially since you are working through sickness (-^o^-)b Kepp at it, but also get rest!

  3. ichigo_daisuki says:

    keep* sorry about that (_ _) ^_^

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