Mango Scans First Forum Contest!

Submissions are open from today until December 26. Details are below.

– What: Drawing Contest
> sketch only (pen/pencil)
> 1 submission of work per account/username
> Everyone is free to join except the judges (of course)- Theme: Christmas/New Year’s
> PG-13

– Characters: Any of the charas from any of the series Mango (scans/subs) is doing/had done
> crossovers are fine

Series Mango Subs had done:
– Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
– Arakawa Under the Bridge
– Gosick
– Hiyokoi (OVA)
– Kuroshitsuji II
– Otome Youkai ZakuroSeries Mango Scans is doing/had done:
– Cherry
– Gunners
– Ichigo no Gakkou
– Kimi ni Todoke
– Sougiya Riddle (Undertaker Riddle)
– Summer Wars: King Kazuma vs. Queen Ozu
– Minamoto-kun’s Story
– Amon Game
– Atashi Hitori de Daijoubu
– Citrus Sweat
– Majo Mao
– Smargs won’t Sing
– Sugar Chuudoku
– Summer Wars
– Yamaarashi
– Akatsuki
– Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjyuu Dya
– Fortune Arterial
– I am a Hero
– Iincho
– Sweet Bitter Love
– Princess Lover!

– There will be 4 judges, each in one section of this forum. (Namely an admin, staff member, mod and a regular member [leecher, newbie or member])

– Criteria:
> Creativity/Design – 40%
> Relevance (to the theme) – 30%
> Presentation (neatness, image quality) – 20%
> Audience Impact (poll voting) – 10%
Total of 100%

– How to submit:
> Post it as a reply in the forum:

Username account:
Series (if crossovers, Series x Series):
Download link (MediaFire is preferred though others are acceptable):

– Prize:
*Winner – You have the choice of (1) getting the chap of the series you want up for a week earlier than the supposedly release [2 chaps only], or (2) Mango would scanlate a one-shot series you like (only applies if you have the raw of that one-shot) (you’ll only get this late January or mid February 2012)

*Participants – You get a sneak peak of the new series we’re working on early/late January. (If you are a Summer Wars fan though, you’ll be the first ones to get the English scans for either the doujinshi or anthology we’ll be working on [we’re working on 2 each]).

– Deadline of submissions would be on: Dec. 23-26.
– Polls will be from Dec 26-Jan 5.
– Judging is from Jan. 6-Jan. 9
– Announcement of winners: Jan. 10, 2012.


The MF mirror link chapter 63 of Kimi ni Todoke is now replaced. Redirect to:


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