Ichigo no Gakkou v01 (END) | Kimi ni Todoke v16 c064

First release of the year o/

About InG, I forgot how I came to know this title since I don’t usually read this type of stories; but I decided to pick it up out of curiosity so here goes our release for it today as well as KnT’s, hope y’all enjoy these releases.



Belated happy birthday to one of our translators, yukihito, we hope you had a good one!


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To help Mango Scans for a quality and faster release, we are recruiting the following: recruitment sheet. You can take our test at the forum.


5 thoughts on “Ichigo no Gakkou v01 (END) | Kimi ni Todoke v16 c064

  1. meotia says:

    I think ICHIGO NO GAKKOU don’t be translated ever. Last translation is 3 year ago.

  2. ichigo_daisuki says:

    I just happen to see this when I looked at your site the first time this year!? Whoohoo o(^o^o)!

    I sincerely appreciate the work you guys do with Kimi ni Todoke ^o^b Happy Belated Birthday, yukihito!

  3. yukihito says:

    Ah, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, nekko! I really didn’t expect this ^^

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