Trance Knights v01 c001

Here’s another series we decided to pick up ^^ Hope you enjoy this new series from us~

(By the way, I might change the X-Day date to almost every 4 months instead of every month, so it’ll just happen thrice a year. This year though it will happen on May and November. Starting next year, it will be on April, August and November.)

Please click the banner to be redirected to the download page. Having any problems with seeing the links? Please read the FAQs.

To help Mango Scans for a quality and faster release, we are recruiting the following: recruitment sheet. You can take our test at the forum.

I forgot to say in my previous posts that all our MegaUpload links here and in the forums for our Subs and Scans releases are now gone due to the MU shut down. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of our releases on MU back-up’d in my HD, so.


2 thoughts on “Trance Knights v01 c001

  1. Fyri says:

    Does that mean some of release are not available at all?

    • o`mega says:

      There might be some releases that have other mirror links, but I can’t guarantee that for all them (both the Subs and Scans’).

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