Ousama Game v01 c001-002 | Kimi ni Todoke v16 c065

We decided to pick Ousama Game up last year, and things started to move on the start of this year. It took us some time to release this cos the assumed ending of the 2nd chapter was beyond the 100th page, which was really long and difficult for the staff to work on on such a strict deadline. But knowing that we’ll be releasing slowly due to the short number of staff we have, and other groups are releasing ahead of us, it’d be best to drop this. So yes, this series is a dropped project, but since I don’t want to waste the effort of the staff who worked on this, we’ll be releasing this 2 chaps we worked on so far.

Anyway, we decided to pick up Tabi to Michizure in place of Ousama Game /o/ I actually wanted to pick this series up a couple years back, but decided not to. Anyway, we’re working on a per volume release so we’ll release this end of March/beginning of April.

On another note, I would like to beat the crap out of Kazehaya from this chapter. He’s being an ass.

We hope you will like today’s release~

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2 thoughts on “Ousama Game v01 c001-002 | Kimi ni Todoke v16 c065

  1. ichigo_daisuki says:

    O.O!? What’s happening in Kimi ni Todoke!?
    Thank you for this release!
    /rushes off to the download page

  2. Sage01 says:

    God damn Kazehaya is so frigid and autismal as fuck.

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