KnT issues

It doesn’t look like we’ll be releasing KnT 66 anytime soon, and I apologize for that. I’ve been PMing the translator for this and it’s been 2 weeks since her last activity in the forum. I don’t know what to do just to release this chapter >_< Kind of frustrated already. So if anyone is willing to help us this one time to release this chapter, that would be great.

For those who would love to read the chapter soon, I suggest for you to go ahead and read the available scans for this chapter already. I don’t want to hold back everyone from reading it if it’s already available somewhere else.

So again, if anyone is willing to help us to translate Kimi ni Todoke chapter 66, we’re looking for a C-E translator who can translate this in a day so we could release this asap.

Sorry for this late chapter! m(_ _)m


2 thoughts on “KnT issues

  1. okami says:

    Although I went ahead reading scans of the chapter already, it’s alright that you aren’t releasing anytime soon since KnT is monthly ^o^b

    Most of us would probably be wanting to read the next chapter right after finishing the latest!

    I still look forward to your release and give thanks to the staff, including the rare translator who will step up! Wish you guys luck \^o^/

  2. […] everyone~ As stated on my previous post, we are looking for a permanent C-E translator to help us translate Kimi ni Todoke. I usually give […]

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