Final Decision

Sorry guys, I know that “monthly release” have the most votes, but putting “semiannual” and “either” together overrides the vote percentage beh.gifI know it’s kinda cheating (lol), but thinking more about it, I think it’d be best to release per volume. I think we’ll have a clearer understanding on the conversation since it’ll translated from the original language (not Japanese>Chinese>English), and I think we’d be able to release it with more quality.

Now that we will be using Japanese raws from volume 17 onward, I’m looking for a Japanese to English translator willing to help us out with the releasing of Kimi ni Todoke per volume. (We can work on the deadline once you’re in the team.)

Please help us out so we could continue doing Kimi ni Todoke! m(_ _)m I’ve been actually thinking (it’s been quite some time now, to be honest) of dropping the series, but you guys like it so much that I can’t drop it huhu.gif

Again, we’re doing a per volume release of Kimi ni Todoke, so we’re looking for an experienced Japanese to English translator. Email us at

I forgot to note here in my post that according to my C-E translator, the Chinese group that’s doing KnT (in other words, where we get our monthly Chinese raws) will be disbanding after volume 17, chapter 68 (our supposedly next release). So even after I’ve received hate mail after I’ve posted this yesterday, I hate to disappoint the haters but we won’t be dropping the series (unless things won’t turn out the way we want it to).


2 thoughts on “Final Decision

  1. okami says:

    I will keep my fingers crossed on both the success of finding a translator and keeping the series going.

    I wish you luck, Mango Staff!

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