Part 2 Update: Website? + Kimi ni Todoke raws

Hey everyone!(^ ^)Here’s an advance breakdown of where your donations will go~

Remember my last post about my final decision on Kimi ni Todoke? Well, I take it back XD;; What’s gonna happen is that we’ll be buying JP raws ($10) in order to release monthly, BUT we’ll need some help with the payment. What we can assure to you about the raws: (1) HQ raws (therefore, monthly HQ releases); (2) will be translated from Japanese (therefore, we have the closest translations, unlike the previous CN raws where it was from JP>CN>EN).

Next important update will be about the setting up of Mango’s website. Why also donate for that?
– We’ll be hosting our own releases (mirror links will be provided by other file hosting sites).
– The forum will be closed down, and will be restricted to the staff only. (Therefore, no posting counts required to access the downloads since we’ll be hosting our own releases.*) (*Will update the FAQs and Rules later on.)
– A new manga reader will be available to provide more options in reading our releases.

tl;dr — We need some donations for the HQ KnT raws and the setting up of Mango’s website. Why? Please read above this tl;dr. Our goal will be $35/month. Think you can help us out a little? No matter how small the amount will be, it’ll definitely help! Thank you in advance!


5 thoughts on “Part 2 Update: Website? + Kimi ni Todoke raws

  1. okami says:

    It looks like the site will be experiencing major changes in the upcoming months (o.o).
    I’m rooting for you, Mango staff!

  2. Please tell me when you’ll be needing donations. I advise you to use paypal, since it provides fast and secure payments and I have an account so it would make it easier for me to sent you donations. I just love undertaker Riddle so if all your other projects are as amazing and contain some shounen-ai goodness then, you can count on me for donations. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. akhamilton says:

    How do you donate? I don’t see a link on the site here… or am I being an idiot, like usual?

    • o`mega says:

      Nope, just like what you’re seeing here, the donate button hasn’t been added up here yet. I’m still trying to set up the website along with the donations button ^^ The site might be up some time next week, there you can see the button~ /o/

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