Annnd we’re back in the old site for a farewell message~

(I’m double posting in case not everyone will get to see the post I made in the new website when it closes down.)

Unfortunately, I have not-so-good news. I’ve been thinking about it lately (for the past year actually), and I’ve decided to close down Mango and quit scanlating as a whole. I really can’t balance scanlating and RL. There’s just too much on my plate right now that I’ve even quit my extracurricular activities at my university to focus on my studies. My classes are killing me, seriously: sleep deprived, stressed, passing on meals; I’ll definitely die lol XD

I really don’t want to close down Mango, but I realized that doing this became more of a hassle than something I thought I enjoyed.

I know… We finally have this website and all then I’ll suddenly shut it down. I wish I could’ve decided on this a lot sooner, but I kept thinking I can handle this perfectly fine (yes, I was probably out of my mind when I said that).

Before we officially close down though, I’ll still be releasing:
– Akumu no Elevator (the rest of the chaps)
– Pika Ichi v03 c011 (QC status)
– Undertaker Riddle v07 c037 (finished, just waiting for the other projects’ status)
– Trance Knights v01 c003-004
– Kamakura Deco & Kofu Life v01 c003-004
– My Hero v01 (this will probably take a while, but we’ll still get it out since we already have the complete script of v01) (we’re not sure if we’ll also release v02, still waiting on the reply of the translator)

Regarding Kimi ni Todoke and Trance Knights, I’m passing it to Japanzai if they still want to do it. One of their cleaners, Zac, who also cleans for us, is interested in picking them up.

I’ll reopen the previous forum so you can get our old releases there. Please bookmark this wordpress site again since I’ll be releasing the last releases of Mango here.

In a couple of days or so, the new website won’t be available anymore so please redirect yourself here from now on for the last releases of Mango.

For the latest donor, I will be giving you a refund for your latest donation since we will be closing down soon. For the previous donors, no worries, your donations was used for the funding of the Kimi ni Todoke raws (c069).


15 thoughts on “Annnd we’re back in the old site for a farewell message~

  1. lypiphedre says:

    Will Kimi ni Todoke be getting a new translator?

    • o`mega says:

      One of my cleaner’s other group (Japanzai) will be picking it up. I assure you speed and quality from them ^^

      • lypiphedre says:

        Oh I know, I meant the person actually translating it. Will Mango Scans’ translator still work on it, or is Japanzai’s staff going to take over completely?

      • o`mega says:

        They’ll completely take over.

  2. Nana says:

    Do you happen to know if there is anyone interested in picking up Undertaker Riddle?

  3. okami says:

    I appreciate the hard work you have put in until the end of Mango (ToT)/
    I wish the best of luck to you and your studies.

  4. latallat says:

    awww sorry to hear you’re closing down 😦 thanks so much again for originally jointing with us for pika 🙂 we shall continue ^.^ if any of your staffers would like to join us to finish it, we would welcome them ^.^

  5. Trinity says:

    heyy this is sooo SaaD i’ve been following you guys since two years now, well there’s nothing we can do but say good bye michiko i hope that everything you’ll do from now on you have success!!!
    last a message spanish which i speak “Mientras una puertas se cierran otras se abriran con nuevas oportunidades, esto no es el fin sino el inicio” Gracias Thank you for everything you did and gave us.

  6. Trinity says:

    ehhh by the way…. could you give me the page that will continue kimi ni todoke please?

    • michiko says:

      Oh about that, the group I noted in this post that was going to continue KnT decided not to pick it up anymore because they don’t have the man power to do so ;_; I know they gave the project to another group so I’ll keep you guys posted on who that group is. At the moment, I’m still not sure who will be picking up our projects >_<

  7. Trinity says:

    thanks i`ll be waiting

  8. dave says:

    that for all the hard work for these past 2 years! but one question, what is happening with Cherry?

    • michiko says:

      I’m guessing the other joint group, ENXAME, will still be continuing it ^^ Link to their site is on the Cherry release page~

  9. Athena010 says:

    If anyone is interested in continuing Sougiya Riddle, I found Chineses raws of Sougiya Riddle on this site:

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