Two Years

Wow guys, it’s been two years since our last release albeit the group has been dead for more than that. Anyway, it seems that a lot of people still visit and request for dead links to revived. Sorry, but they will remain as that as I have no time to reupload them. You can mostly find our releases at MangaTraders. I haven’t checked torrent sites, but there may be torrents of our releases too.

Also, there are still a lot of comments that I’ve just read asking for the manga on our recruiting pages. Always read the FAQs first before anything. It is the frequently asked questions, after all.

We’re a dead a group, for more than two years already. Please refrain from asking to revive the links and the name of the series on our recruiting pages.


3 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Karen Chan says:

    Ok can i work here as a translator ?

    • michiko says:

      Are you a Japanese-English translator? Someone with experience is preferred since the potential projects you will work on are seinen. Hence, there’s no furigana to aid you.

      • Karen Chan says:

        I am not a got that correct…but..i can read kanji hiragana and katakana fluently..on top of that..i am only a middle schooler…but still..i wanted to try..but i guess…its a ‘NO’

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