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Ultimate last release: Akumu no Elevator v01

Hey everyone, it’s been a while. Last thing some of you may remember is that we transferred to a new website/domain; after a month of it, I decided to quit scanlating. I am still not scanlating, but some awesome people from The Peanut Gallery asked for a joint to finish the rest of Akumu no Elevator. I couldn’t do it myself since I just had (still has) a lot in my plate to typeset it. Good thing I cleaned everything even before I had the script. Now, after months of waiting, here’s the complete volume of Akumu no Elevator. I decided to place the first chapter we’ve released along with the rest so you can get somewhat a recap of what had happened.

Well, as said from the title, this is the ultimate last release of Mango. I (the only soul left lol) don’t have any pending projects left to be released anymore except this one. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this one~


Mass release + Moving out! Website: ONLINE

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