Citrus Sweat

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Author: Hatta Ayuko
Artist: Hatta Ayuko
Genre: Shoujo, Romance
Summary: Erimi has dreamed of dating a guy from K West High, a school full of handsome and stylish guys! She goes to a party expecting to meet one of those guys…instead she ends up with Shinichi, a sports mad guy with absolutely no interest in girls! Are Erimi’s dating hopes dashed?!
– Chapter 1 END – ScanningTranslatingProofreadingEditingQuality Checking | RELEASE


10 thoughts on “Citrus Sweat

  1. namking says:

    where can you read Citrus Sweat?

  2. […] Mango está trabajando muy duro para ofrecernos el oneshot titulado Citrus Sweat acá les dejó el link (idioma inglés, proyecto […]

  3. friendlymoose says:

    where can i read it i have been looking through all the manga sites that i can find i and i havent seen it 😦

    • otameganekko says:

      Maybe it hasn’t been uploaded yet? I’m not really the one who’s responsible for uploading our releases in the reading sites. But you can download it in our forum.

  4. friendlymoose says:


  5. kappiih says:

    thanks very much for this one shot! ^^ I love it!

  6. cleru says:

    thank you~!!!!!!!!!

  7. teikaei says:

    it cannot be seen..what happended?

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