Trance Knights

Author: Kugayama Reki
Artist: Kugayama Reki
Genre: Action, Shounen
Summary: The world is completely changed when “Sacred King”, the military satellite created by the scientist Arthur, loses control. Arthur’s personal army, the “Trance Knights” have broken up, and other organisations are attempting to take control of the satellite. In the midst of these events, Arthur’s daughter Ley, who holds the key to the “Sacred King” encounters Gawain, one of Arthur’s former knights.

Volume 1
– Chapter 1 – Release (mirror)
– Chapter 2 – Release (mirror)
– Chapter 3-4 –Release


3 thoughts on “Trance Knights

  1. Ada says:

    wow this manga is the best , thanks for choosing it for translation . Please keep up the good work

  2. Ada says:

    where is chapter 3 , please release it as soon as possible

  3. Ada says:

    please , please chapter 3

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