Mass release + Moving out! Website: ONLINE

Please redirect yourself to the new website: to download our new releases! Please click the banner to be redirected to the download page.


This WP site won’t be updated anymore, but instead, the new site!


Part 2 Update: Website? + Kimi ni Todoke raws

Hey everyone!(^ ^)Here’s an advance breakdown of where your donations will go~

Remember my last post about my final decision on Kimi ni Todoke? Well, I take it back XD;; What’s gonna happen is that we’ll be buying JP raws ($10) in order to release monthly, BUT we’ll need some help with the payment. What we can assure to you about the raws: (1) HQ raws (therefore, monthly HQ releases); (2) will be translated from Japanese (therefore, we have the closest translations, unlike the previous CN raws where it was from JP>CN>EN).

Next important update will be about the setting up of Mango’s website. Why also donate for that?
– We’ll be hosting our own releases (mirror links will be provided by other file hosting sites).
– The forum will be closed down, and will be restricted to the staff only. (Therefore, no posting counts required to access the downloads since we’ll be hosting our own releases.*) (*Will update the FAQs and Rules later on.)
– A new manga reader will be available to provide more options in reading our releases.

tl;dr — We need some donations for the HQ KnT raws and the setting up of Mango’s website. Why? Please read above this tl;dr. Our goal will be $35/month. Think you can help us out a little? No matter how small the amount will be, it’ll definitely help! Thank you in advance!

Part 1 Update: Upcoming Projects!! (─‿‿─)

I don’t know why it was only until today that I decided to create a new page for all the upcoming series we’d probably have, but anyway, it’s finally now up! — link

Here’s a peak to the banners of the upcoming projects:


You can click on any of them to direct you to its summary. I’m actually pretty excited that I got to find more series to pick up besides the long term ones I’ve already decided MS should pick up (Macross, Sai no Kami, SW djs/anthologies and Valkyria).

Please check ’em out! And if you’re a translator who’s interested in one or more of these, please, please think about translating for us! It’d be really great and I would love you forever ヽ(;▽;)ノ

And — here’s — the updated recruitment sheet at Google Docs~

Part 2 update will just follow; too many updates in one post will overwhelm you all and you’d rather skip to tl;dr, lol.